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Monthly Archives: November 2011

PCs Are Still Sharing The Computer Market

The market of Personal computers has crossed almost 30 years. But, in spite of being 3 decade old, the PCs still don’t seem to quit the market. Over these years, personal computers have shared a major part of the computer industry. Almost every brand has its own set of PCs supplied in the market. Many leading IT brands like HP, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Acer and many more, had set their foothold in the industry with their PC supply chain. But, after the introduction of notebooks and netbooks, the PC market went low,

My First Experience with A Tech Support- iGennie

Getting stuck with your affected computer and being unable to resolve the issue is very painful. I couldn’t have understood it, until I experienced it myself. Recently, I had encountered a serious issue with my computer. While working on my computer, suddenly my hard disk failed. I got an error message on my computer screen, which signified that my computer hard disk was corrupted.

How to take a Screen Shot in XP and Windows 7

There may be times when you may require capturing the whole image or other contents on the window screen for future use. Both Windows XP and Windows 7 have features that allow you to take screen shots of the computer screen. But, not many computer users are aware of these features and how to use them for taking screen shots.

Top-most Internet tips and tricks

1. Quickly move between the fields of a web page
If you are working on an online form or some other page that requires filling different text boxes, buttons, or other HTML fields, then you can easily switch between the different fields by pressing the Tab key or Shift+ Tab key.

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