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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Computer Tips – Insert Watermark to an Excel Document

WatermarkThe Excel versions including the Excel 2007, Excel 2010 do not have the feature of the printed watermark. But fortunately there are certain workaround ways to insert text or images within an Excel document resulting in a similar like a watermark. Below are the computer tips that can insert text “watermark” into an Excel Document.

Technology News – Java Yet Again a Potential Victim to a New Malware Campaign

Malware-CampaignJava has become the bane of life for the Windows world. The malware gambits are developed keeping in mind that Java is among the most vulnerable common software interface that is time and again victimized concurrently by n numbered malware campaigns. But this time the ploy has been intensified and given a more sly approach making it a cross-platform ammunition to thump both Mac and Windows users.

Computer Tips – Publish your PowerPoint presentation to the web browser

Power-Point-presentationPowerPoint users can easily convert a PowerPoint presentation into a HTML format. When PPT is converted to HTML form the user is then allowed to publish the pages on internet.

Perform the following computer tips to publish PowerPoint slide on the internet.

Technology News – Facebook brags on having 901 million users soon to touch the billion mark

FacebookFacebook, the darling social networking site of people of all ages, young or old is today proud to announce that its existing users is now as many as 901 million. Analysis says, by the end of this year Facebook is expected to have its billionth user. A technology news source reveals that according to the statistics as in its S-1 filing, it is evaluated, that the company’s network receives 3.2 billion

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