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Google Chrome crashes again and again

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google and is third most widely used Web Browser. Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers and covers 10% of total market share. Just like other browsers, Chrome also faces certain issues that cause it to crash or become non-responsive. Whenever you find Chrome to crash repeatedly, perform the following actions in order to resolve the solution.

  • Uninstall and re-install Google Chrome
  • Try to disable Sandbox
  • Remove Registry Errors
  • Remove Plug-ins and other add-ons

Re-Install Google Chrome

Google Chrome always crashes when it is corrupted. Re-installing the Chrome browser can fix this issue. Before re-installing, one has to make sure that it is uninstalled properly. Whenever a program is uninstalled from the computer it leaves behind certain configuration information. This information is often regarded as registry entries. These registries in Windows based operating systems stores important configuration information of all computer programs. Therefore, even after removing the browser, it is wise to run a registry cleanup scan using good software. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Then to Programs and Features
  • Right-click on Google Chrome and click on uninstall
  • Follow the instructions given
  • Restart system.

Disable Sandbox

Google Chrome sometimes also crashes due to sandbox, so it is recommended to try disabling sandbox and then run Chrome again. To disable sandbox:

  • Right-click on Chrome Icon
  • Then go to its Properties
  • Click on the shortcut tab
  • Go to target, and then
  • Add the command -no-sandbox or -no-process-plug-ins.
  • Click on the OK button

Clean Registry Errors

Most PC users think that registry don’t create any sort of errors, but most of the time when any application is uninstalled, it leaves behind certain files that causes system to display error messages as well as degrades system’s performance.

Add Ons

Add ons are certain snippets that further add to the browsing experience of the users, but sometimes these snippets cause browsers to crash. If a plug-in crashes, it will cause browser to crash. So one should not install plug-ins unnecessarily and keep it to minimum level.

  • Open Google chrome
  • In URL, type Chrome://Extensions
  • Click on the plug-in uninstall or disable button
  • Restart Chrome.

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