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Technology News – “Facebook to Advance Site Reliability by Removing Page Likes”

Removing-Page-LikesFacebook, a social networking giant has awaken up to the reality of fact that some of the Likes on a Page possibly could not be from authentic admirer. And it may have been achieved by ways that go against the Terms of Facebook.

Facebook conceits on the standard of ‘real identity’ and same genuineness is expected from its extended pages. According to a Technology News; Facebook surmises that lesser amount of likes will be mechanically eliminated from Fan pages because it only needs dependable and genuine users to be connected, but it has confessed formerly that nearly 5-6 per cent users are possibly from the fake accounts. This indicates that about 54 million Facebook profiles are not genuine.

Facebook looks forward to these lately enhanced mechanized attempts that will eliminate the Likes which are achieved by malware presence, conciliated accounts, misleading users, or Likes gained through procured bulk.

The latest enhanced systems are implemented and put to use which are specifically configured to categorize and take actions against Facebook like pages which may not seem genuine or may have arrived from fake profiles. Expectantly this change by Facebook will also harbinger a change in trade name behavior. Trademark that distinguishes that it is not only about striking ‘scorecard metrics’, but about having a meaningful engagement with fans throughout its page will observe an enhancement in genuine fan commitment.

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