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Disclaimer: iGennie Technical Services is an Independent provider of Technical support services for third party brands. If you product is under warranty, the repair service maybe available free from the vendor. use of names, trademarks is for reference only.
We are one of the most reliable names in online PC repair, and have been excelling in this field for the past 10 years. Our job is to repair, maintain, upgrade and optimize desktops and laptops and we have been known to provide excellent customer service to our valued clients. What makes us different from other companies is the constant up-gradation of our knowledgebase and other allied resources This enables us to provide cost-effective solutions efficiently to our customers.
As specialists in PC repair and diagnosing complicated hardware and software problems, our engineers are able to provide personalized, next-generation support to household consumers and businesses across US, UK and Canada. So if your computer is running slow, or you are having problems with upgrades or it seems to have it infected by a pesky spyware or virus or even it’s dead, we can fix it!
All you have to do is get in touch with our executives and then sit back and watch your PC being brought back to life by our dedicated team of Microsoft certified Systems engineers and that too at really affordable prices.
Client Testimonials
By, Kevin, Aquino, CA
"Excellent work! The technician worked on my computer for hours and removed the virus remotely. He even called back the very next day to check if the computer was working properly. I would highly recommend the iGennie team. Thanks!"
By, Santino, Chicago IL
"Outstanding Performance! Extremely knowledgeable and a very fast service. My PC had slowed down over the last few week and the iGennie technician cleaned it off cocktail of viruses and malware that I had unknowingly downloaded. He even strengthend my firewall at no extra charge. And all this was done remotely. Truly amazing work."
By, Kelly, Atlanta GA
"Great service and follow up! The iGennie gentleman who handled my computer was extremely patient and helpful. One of best online PC repair companies I worked with."
By, Betty, Chicago IL
"Great service the iGennie engineer. He answered questions as he walked me through the entire process by removing the virus that kept hanging my PC."
By, Paul, Sandlin, Franklin TN
"The Technician did a quick and through job fixing the rouge spyware that had infected my Vista. He also called back the next day to fix the damage done by the spyware. A very well trained and hardworking team built by iGennie."
By, Neil, Ken, Everman TX
"Nice service. And also promised to follow up in case any additional problems arose. I would very highly recommend the iGennie service team."
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Disclaimer: iGennie is an independent provider of technical support services for third party brands. if your product is under warranty the repair service maybe available free from the vendor.Use of name , trademarks is for reference only.