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Getting errors with your browser during internet surfing is quite obvious and at the same time annoying too. iGennie brings you a comprehensive package of technical help and support to optimize your browser, so that any browser errors can be prevented in future. Though, there are a number of Internet Browsers available in the market like: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape and Google chrome, each of them has their own inborn issues like:- Slow Loading, Missing plug-ins, Browser freezing and many more. Most of these issues are because of virus attacks or some Operating System issues. At iGennie, we are constantly working on various techniques to improve browser performance.
Common issues with Internet Browser:
  • Internet Explorer does not let you select a different certificate until you start a new browser session.
  • Internet Explorer does not show all selectable client/user certificates in a browser's selection list.
  • Internet Explorer only shows certificates, issued by the trusted CA.
  • You received a browser warning that the system name and system certificate do not match.
  • Internet Explorer requests reject the connection for HTTPS.
  • Slow Loading
  • Freezing
  • Missing Plug-Ins
  • Internet Browser Crashing
  • Browser Maintenance
  • Detecting Proxy settings.
Our technicians help you in resolving all these issues occurring with your internet browser. Just give us the remote access to your computer through internet and we will troubleshoot all your browser related problems in an optimized way.
The iGennie Technical Support for Browser Optimization Includes:
  • Unlimited technical support for the setup and installation of best compatible computer optimization tool like: IE7Pro, Adblock Pro, Greasemonkey, Adblock Plus, etc. on your computer.
  • Tech support to install or upgrade latest internet browser on your computer
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting of internet connectivity and network problems.
  • Help and support for virus and malware removal
  • Tech support for firewall installation and configuration to ensure maximum internet security
  • Tech support for installing latest browser updates to enhance browser performance
Apart from this, there are many more technical support services offered by our expert technicians for your browser optimization, in order to ensure hassle free and speedy internet browsing with your browser.
Call us at our internet browser support number, +1-888-644-7801 (toll free) and experience the best internet surfing with your browser.
iGennie Premium Support Includes :
  • Installation & repair of your Operating system.
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting of your hardware issues.
  • PC optimization for best PC performance.
  • Protection against spyware, virus, adware, etc.
  • Software as well as peripheral troubleshooting.
  • Windows update and software updates.
  • Critical OS patches and driver installations.
  • The internet related issues and troubleshooting.
24x7 availability of Excellent Tech Support for 365 days. You can connect to iGennie certified engineer in less than 45 seconds. iGennie certified engineer provides you the resolution of the issue with proper explanation of the cause and reason, so that it can be avoided later. No need to wait on Phone to connect to a representative of iGennie which is maintaining good resolution rate in the industry.
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