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Disclaimer: iGennie Technical Services is an Independent provider of Technical support services for third party brands. If you product is under warranty, the repair service maybe available free from the vendor. use of names, trademarks is for reference only.
Spyware is a category of virus, which does not require any human interaction for transporting. It gets installed on your computer automatically through internet files. A supportive hand for computer hackers, a spyware invades through a computer and steals the personal information and data without intimating the computer owner. Therefore, removal of spyware has become an important issue to be looked upon. With this concern, iGennie offers you the complete help and support for spyware removal.
Scope of Support
  • Information and support for Anti-spyware tools like XP Antispyware 2012 removal tool, spyware adware remover and other spyware removal tools, for removing rogue anti-spywares
  • Unlimited Support for adware and spyware removal at one-flat-rate
  • Assistance for spyware removal tool set-up and installation
  • Instant assistance for all spyware related issues from expert technicians
  • Latest updates for your anti-spyware softwares
  • Optimization for your computers to ensure maximum security from spywares, viruses, Trojans, etc
Our technicians help you with all kinds of spyware removal. They help you in selecting the best spyware removal tool and assist you through their installation and configuration. Not just this, our technicians also help you in identifying rogue anti-spyware softwares like XP Antispyware 2012, XP Anti-spyware 2010, Vista Antispyware 2012, Vista Anti-spyware 2010, etc. These fake spyware removal tools generate false scans and mislead the user to buy the licensed version of these rogue anti-spywares and get their system infected.
Our Support for Spyware Removal Includes:
  • Technical support for installing or upgrading latest anti-spyware on your PC
  • Guidance for selecting the best spyware removal tool compatible with your system
  • Support for installing latest software updates for your anti-spyware
  • Troubleshooting all issues regarding the setup and configuration of spyware removal tools on your computer
  • Support for configuring your firewall settings for maximum protection from spywares and other malicious programs
Call us on our spyware support number at +1-800-837-0451 (toll free) and get instant access to our technicians within 45 seconds. Just give the remote access of your computer and our technicians will take care of all your spyware related issues. They will diagnose your computer, scan it for spyware detection and take necessary measures for complete spyware removal from your computer.
iGennie Premium Support Includes :
  • Installation & repair of your Operating system.
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting of your hardware issues.
  • PC optimization for best PC performance.
  • Protection against spyware, virus, adware, etc.
  • Software as well as peripheral troubleshooting.
  • The internet related issues and troubleshooting.
24x7 availability of Excellent Tech Support for 365 days. iGennie certified engineer provides you the resolution of the issue with proper explanation of the cause and reason, so that it can be avoided later. No need to wait on Phone to connect to a representative of iGennie which is maintaining good resolution rate in the industry.
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Spyware Removal
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Disclaimer: iGennie is an independent provider of technical support services for third party brands. if your product is under warranty the repair service maybe available free from the vendor.Use of name , trademarks is for reference only.